Do Millennials Hate Print?

Do Millennials Hate Print?

For years we have been in the technological age. This age has changed the habits of many people, as now we can send letters instantly by email and pay our bills online. This decreases the amount of time we spend mailing items, or scheduling payments on the phone. Leading this years' success, are the Millennials.

The people who were born between 1980-2000 are called Millennials, or Generation Y. The annual purchasing power of this group is about $200 billion and will make up about 50% of the workforce by 2020.

Many people assume that printing is getting obsolete with people consistently on their smartphones obtaining information. However, there is research showing that many digital natives and Millennials check their mail right after they get home from work or school. According to a study conducted by USPS, 89% of millennials get their mail at the first opportunity.

Print resonates and motivates Millennials to Act

66% of millennials open direct mail and 63% would act on a direct mailing piece. In addition to that, QR codes and scannable coupons printed on a catalog or newsletter have always encouraged millennials to respond online and make a purchase.

Print vs Online Ads

Millennials are known for fast, instant access to information but that does not apply to online ads. In fact, many people find online ads annoying while they try to read an online article or watch a video. For music streaming apps like Spotify, the company offers commercial and ad free services if followers subscribe to their service.

Contact a Full-Color Printing Specialist in Salem MA

With print ads performing better in the crowd you are trying to target, you will need a color printing specialist for all of your advertising needs.

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